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In an effort to stop Congress from certifying the results of the 2020 presidential election, a violent mob broke into the Capitol building in D.C. to interrupt the process. Lawmakers, aides, staff, and reporters were forced to shelter in place and later evacuate.

Those who entered the Capitol, radical supporters of President Trump, did so on the pretense of “stopping the steal,” waving American, Trump, and Confederate flags, and wearing other far-right symbols for groups like QAnon and neo-Nazis. They broke into offices, occupied the floors of the House and the Senate, and directly confronted law enforcement. Throughout, they posted live on social media to claim victory to their peers, stole items, and directed threats at lawmakers, police on the scene, and the media. Nooses and gallows were tied and erected. …


Brendan Rigney

Public policy analyst and advocate. Read some of my stuff here:

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